Celebrating 20th year next year, Kurtulan Jewelry draw all attention specially after the awards achieved at Gold Trends 2000 Design Contests organized by World Gold Council.
Kurtulan Jewelry, exhibiting their difference since the beginning by manufacturing with 24 carat fine gold, has a special position in Turkish jewelry sector with its awarded and special designs. It has won gold prize at Gold Trends 2000 Gold Jewel and Design Contests organized by World Gold Council in Turkey three years in a row since 1998.
While models designed by the Kurtulan Jewelry’s owner Naci Kurtulan made it to the finals in 1998 and 1999, the real architecture of the success at awarded designs center is Meltem Kurtulan, directing the brand’s design unit. Kurtulan achieved an important success winning the gold prize of Gold Trends Contest in 2000, 2001 and 2002.
Favorite of contests: Meltem Kurtulan Kurtulan won the gold prize in “Bosphorus Trend” category of Gold Trends 2000 Gold Jewel and Design Contest, as well as in 2001. The design bringing the success at Gold Trends 2001 Design Contests was inspired by “youth” theme. As to be remembered, the Gold Trend 2002 Turkey Gold Jewel and Design Contest was held in two categories as Golden Jewel and Golden Design. The gold prize in “Golden Jewel” category again to Meltem Kurtulan with her completely hand made white gold, emerald and diamond ornamented jewel set.
WAmong the first 34 designers of the world! The trio set designed by Kurtulan at Gold Virtuosi 2002 contests organized by World Gold Council ranked among the best 34 designs of the world. To the contest considered as World Gold Jewel Oscars, 5 thousand and 100 designs of a thousand and 700 designers from 52 countries.
World’s number two with pearls Meltem Kurtulan, while winning the Middle East first prize at Tahitian Pearl Trophy contest in 2006, she managed to rank second at the world premiere of the same contest. At the Tahitian Pearl Trophy contests, world wide known Damiani won the first and Roberto Coin won the third prize.