Kurtulan Jewelry, which its unique and authentic models draw attention Turkey and world wide, stands out with its different design style. The brand reflecting the cultural richness of Anatolia on its models through an authentic perspective, emphasizes on authenticity of all angles. Items decorating the showcases of Kurtulan Jewelry and drawing attention are all signed by Meltem Kurtulan. Remaining at the top of the list with her gold prizes at national and international design contests, Kurtulan registered her success once more getting in the World Gold Council’s Great Designers list, in which 10 best designers from around the world. Meltem Kurtulan informed us about the design identity of the brand:

Could you tell us about the journey of a product from< design to manufacture phases?
If design is a journey and having it is like in the “New Life”; as the author put it: “There was a journey, everything was a journey. I saw a look in this journey, watching me at all times, pretending to appear before me when least expected, then disappearing, thus making itself looked for, a soft look already purified from all crimes and sins. I wished to be that look. I wished to be the world that look sees. I wanted them so badly that I was to believe that I live in that world. No, there was no need to believe; I was living there.”

A beginningless and endless journey, is design. It’s not a profession; it’s a long journey covering your life, transferring you from a dream to another, a journey that you still carry the excitement for the rest of it even when you’re on a break. You can travel from the past to the future with one ticket. While you’re with ourself, actually you wish to reach others. Once you reach them, you’re already dreaming about going on the road again. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes days long. Sometimes you see the end out of nothing, sometimes your dream takes you to completely different place.

What is the biggest struggle you have designing?
A designer aware of her or his limits shouldn’t have much struggle, I think. But to be forced to have a direction is an obstacle against creativity.
What kind of contribution did the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia to set your style?
I’ve learned to respect. Isn’t respecting your own culture the reason for one to be respectfully mentioned?

What would you like to say about the Kurtulan brand design status?
Kurtulan chose to be a company respecting to its own culture but putting an effort to make its style favored. We believe one should definitely understand that it’s a Kurtulan design at a glance. No matter what we do, what it represents and tells must be in Kurtulan language. And those willing to have it should be curious about the new tale. Should want to see the new.

What are the primary elements of your designs?
Imagine a literature piece, make it a long one. A piece including the description of thousands of things from trees to clouds, to flowers, to sculptures and that you don’t get bored reading it. What’s being told though not similar, should belong to the same world. None of them should stand apart from others. Classical; but can be crazy. Have the past meet the future; but not each other. Should have no generation differences.

What was your first prize?
First was the World Gold Council Gold Trends 2000 Design Contest. It was a very serious and meticulously organized contest. All pieces were competing under alias’; I figured that I won when I stood all alone on the stage. My excitement was great. I think not to be informed prior to the ceremony made it magical. I don’t remember what did I say, what did I do. It was a first for me and I was proud.

Could you tell about the preparation phase for the contest?
At all contests I have participated, was a theme set. It was difficulty to process a certain subject. Both creating something never done before and to make it adequate with the settled theme required working meticulously on the subject. They were all nice races against time, wondering about that other contestants do and that you focus on your own project...

What do mean the prizes you’ve won at World Gold Council contests?
First of all, I had the chance to test myself over and over again, I competed with myself; then I’ve learned to trust myself. These contests enabled me to be noticed by people. I’ve managed to leave a mark in life.

Recently you’ve been presented among the first 10 designers of the world by the World Gold Council. What would you like to say?
I am a naive person. The projection of being appreciated on me is the anxiety of not being able to do a better thing next. It’s great to be a Great Designer. To have the appreciation of masters and that being on completely objective criteria is a huge happiness. As Meltem Kurtulan, it’s great to make people around the world feel that there are Turkish designers. I feel my efforts were not in vain.

Are the gold and jewel trends directly related with fashion?
I don’t think that gold and jewel trends should be related with fashion. Take our style; it’s already not about fashion. Jewel must be timeless. There aren’t cloths inherited from grandmothers. But jewels preserved with special care run in a family from one generation to the other. A jewel is a value to be used by a generation and transferred to other generations with its tale. I don’t fashion should make a jewel out.
How is the interaction between fashion and jewel trends?
If we target fast consuming people, I don’t find it wrong to use fashionable colors and mainstream trends. But a designer should create his or her immortal fashion, I think. What a designer calls new should be the one to be preferred.

We know that you make custom designs; how do you proceed creating jewels for different characters?
As for custom design, the physical properties of the person, their choices and stand for other fields effect me a lot. I definitely tell the client about my taste. But I’d never ignore what makes them happy.
How do you react when you bump into similar designs to your products?
For years I got upset. Maybe it’s because I’m a law person, I’ve found it unjust and unfair. To me, robbery is not about stealing concrete things. Our ideas are our most valuable assets. We must get rid of this serious lack of morality. What’s else is there to say except ‘imitation promotes the original’?