Kurtulan Jewellery has gained appreciation in the world for its multiple models and collections of genuine post-modern style; now it’s again presenting a meaningful and very different collection which shall be spoken about in the years to come. The main theme of the collection which was created from sketches of an earring model at the beginning of this year is “Emptiness”. Meltem Kurtulan, Chairman of Design department at Kurtulan Jewellery, in her work called “New Life Collection” is processing the concept of “emptiness” in the jewellery like knitting a lace with a needle. Meltem Kurtulan responded to our queries regarding the collection. With which piece did “New Life” collection start? With an earring. An event, the story of which is kept by me and my relatives drove me to think concept of “Emptiness”. After elapse of silence period lasting for several months, l decided to do design for setting out my feelings. I know l can express myself best this way. I need to tell and reflect them. I did so. This collection, which actually reflects myself in every its piece is telling about emptiness, nonentity. Alongside with apparent existence of wide volumes there is also a manner tending to nonentity and driving me to question the emptiness. At the end, it targets to teach “not to seek for nonentity”

How many pieces does the collection include? I preferred to use only pure gold in major part of it. I need purity. There is no space for colors. Opaqueness should come foreword. I tried to illuminate products with small di- Kurtulan Jewellery highly raised the level for its design in “New Life Collection” comprising from genuine models, which is representing Turkish jewellers abroad. amonds and small blisters. Like our hopes that should never disappear. What did inspire you when preparing this collection? I think l listened to my internal voice only. I wanted to give out a message. My effort to talk about it required me to design a lot. Different pieces have been designed with same internal voice, and therefore they were all related with each other and they became integrated. They gathered around same main idea. Looking at the style and lines of the collection we are witnessing patterns different from usual “Kurtulan” lines that we were accustomed to so far. How shall we assess this difference? Kurtulan has always been an innovative company. Mr. Naci has a great impact on this. But Kurtulan did not hesitate to highlight itself with some naive models with serious artistic artistic capacity. Kurtulan has a designer who is keen on his occupation integrating it with his own life. Therefore, it is natural to encounter with models to be acknowledged as different even if not challenging. Like life is. Kurtulan took off for developing products comprising from traces of cultures and civilisations in Anatolia. Does this collection demonstrate that this trademark became globalized in terms of style and lines? Absolutely not. It solely demonstrates that designs are reflecting us, tour feelings, and they they are completely genuine. Our corporation has create a specific genuine post-modern style for long years. This style has been acknowledged by customers and they are accustomed to wait for new styles to be created. Those accommodating emotional figures and having a story behind are important for them. A story does not have to be a legend every time. It should be human-realted, symbolize life experience.

Jewelleries and ornaments have a history dating back to thousand years. This means millions of designs and models. How do you achieve to be different regardless of all these? I look into my inside world instead of looking back at them. Market generally tends to make new design from an ornament. Is it possible to develop new design and model by copying a jewellery? Is it a right perspective? I can say that it is method since so many people do so. However, it is impossible to call those doing so designers. To me it is confessing once failure and inability. It means “I am unable doing it, therefore, l can steal effort of others, and justifying such a thing would be called inspiration”. How do you protect models and collections developed under the label of Kurtulan trademark against bad-will people? Have you had all your products registered? We apply to different methods in this regard. We obtain patent, register them at the Istanbul Chamber of Jewellers and notarise. Is there proper time or ideal location for a specific model? No need to proper time or ideal location for a genuine model but there is a need only to be a “Contrarian person”. I think it is a heart different than others, maybe sensuality, and furthermore desire to reflect your emotions. Someone writes lyrics, some composes, and some creates design. Even thought artistic aspect of this business should not be ignored, of course we as jewellers are preparing collections prior to especially major exhibitions as in other industries. And it happens in the first quarter of every year. We are spending winter months in preparation. By time it converts into a ritual. You start preparing yourself subconsciously. I absolutely need to stay alone for working over something. In such cases my colleagues at the same corporate environment do not see me for long hours. Only music accompanies me.

Do you have artworks you did not spare to sell? Absolutely yes and they create my special collection. Natural structure of some stones are interesting to me and there were cases when l did not spare to sell them. I have stones l was hiding in their natural form and look sometimes at them. Will you add new pieces to the New Life Collection? Yes, absolutely I will. I like enriching my collection outlined at the beginning of the year with new things. You sometimes fail to combine all the things inspired in your mind. This collection has distinctive value for me. Therefore, l wan to enrich it with new pieces for a while. Do you have a new Project you are working over as a collection? I am working over new orders while continuing to perform my schedule l appointed for this year. These are pieces produced in a single example and really are very special pieces. Products not exhibited within my collection and photos thereof remained as a memory, l hope their holders are using with great pleasure. What kind of impact and position has design over the organisational identity of Kurtulan trademark? In our ear design is a reason for existence not only for Kurtulan but also for other sectors. It is only design that makes you distinctive. Furthermore, you should pay attention to rapid change. Or you should have passed through level of recognition and accreditation in order to be preferred in anywhere. Briefly, no achievement is incidental. It requires great effort, being honest and making your best.