Kurtulan Jewelry admired by the whole world with its original collections elaborated with 24 carats pure gold, put its signature to an important project in the scope of social responsibility. Kurtulan realized a collaborative work with the hand in hand with little hearts association (MİKA-DER),which is working to support little hearts staying at institutions for protection of children and compassion homes.

Kurtulan is exhibiting its magnificient collections in leading jewelry fairs of the world since long years, this time it put its unique collections on the podium for little hearts. Kurtulan Jewelry organized a jewelry show for the Hand in Hand with Little Hearts Association (MİKA-DER) and it introduced its distinguished jewelry composed of old and new collections to leading names of the society. The choreography of the show was prepared by the famous model Sema Şimşek, who took the podium with Ceylan Saner, Alona Kral, Tuğba Karaca, Zeliha Çal, Beril Kayar, Bilge Kara and Fatma Yaman. The boutique style jewelry elaborated by Kurtulan was admired greatly by the spectators at the parade.

About Mika- Der! Mika-Der is a nongovernmental organization established within the General Directorate of Child Services at the Ministry of Family and Social Policies with the aim to open Children Homes, Compassion Homes and Rehabilitation Centers (Child Support Centers), to ameliorate the conditions of nurseries and orphanages, Children and Compassion Homes, to prepare the children living in these institutions for now and tomorrow with education, music, theatre, sport and psychological support. The aim of Mika-Der is to reach every city in Turkey.